Feet have seed like sustance and feet / legs look yellow

Hello, I have what I believe is a female gouldian paired with a society finch. Only my gouldian's feet I have noticed for the past week she has small growths that look like seeds on both of them. In addition I have noticed that her legs / feet appear more yellow than her room mates which appear more of a brownish colour. Her room mate does not have any of these growths on her feet.

Luigi's (my gouldian which we thought was a boy) behaviour is unchanged all except she has started sleeping on her perch instead of their nest at night. She is eating and singing and is alert.

I would greatly appreciate your feedback. We do not have a bird vet in the area so I am not sure what to do and do not want to let something I can fix progress to the point where it can not.

Thank you in advance

Hello Anna,

If your Gouldian is singing, I would suspect it to be a male. I could not tell from the photo that you sent. If your bird is a white breast, look at the color of its tummy. Males will have a rich golden yellow tummy and females tummies are a pale yellow. Also males in breeding plumage will have two tapered central long tail feathers and the hens don't. If your Gouldian is behaving normally, I would not worry about the legs being different from those of the society finch. It is normal for Gouldians to sleep outside their nest boxes when they are not breeding, nothing to worry about there. As long as your bird is behaving energetically and eating and drinking water, it sounds to me that all is well.

Best Wishes, Jeanie

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