Female going bald

by Tom
(Norwich, VT)

I have a pair of Gouldians and the female is losing the feathers on the back of her neck. I'm not sure if the male is picking on her (I have not seen this behaviour)or if she has a parasite of some kind, or what.

Please advise.

Hi Tom,

If you suspect the male is picking on the female, he probably is. I have observed that some males just do their picking when no one can see them. It doesn't sound like parasites. Most often baldness is caused by a deficiency in the diet. Gouldians seem to need more Iodine and salt in their diets than other types of finches. Abba Products have always been my favorite supplement suppliers. If you go to their web site they will tell you where the closest pet store that sells their products is located. If there aren't any close to you, they will sell to you directly. The pet store should be able to order things, like their mineral grit,(made mostly of oyster shell bits), from Abba for you if they don't have what you need in stock. The people at Abba are very knowledgeable and experienced. Sorry to say, I am not a veterinarian.

Hope this helps, Jeanie

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