Female looking dull and weal after laying and egg

by Kumar
(Hyderabad, India)

I have noticed that the female is looking dull after laying an egg. I have a very big cage which is five feet tall, two feet wide, and three feet long. The pair have got adjusted to the nest. My concern is with the female. I have good seed and water, and cuttlefish bone. I tried to keep egg but it does not eat.

But the female recovers after some time and is quite active. But will it continue to get weaker by the time it completes laying eggs and die, if not while laying eggs, may be while brooding?

My email is sunilgdaniel@gmail.com

Hi Kumar,
I don't know if this will continue or get worse. My first thought is to ask you, what is the temperature that you keep for your large cage? Of all the finches, Gouldians need the most heat. I would hang a ceramic heat bulb on the side of the cage near where the hen usually sits. The heat bulbs are mostly packaged for reptile keepers. They don't emit light. I would watch to see if the hen chooses to sit in the warmer area. If she does then I would hang another bulb near the nest box. In Australia Goulds prosper and breed even when the temperature goes as high as 110 degrees. I'm assuming you are giving your hen egg food and fresh greens each morning. I'm guessing your hen is having to use too much of her energy staying warm. Temperature needs to be as close to 80 degrees as possible and the birds need 14 hrs. of sunlight when breeding and molting. Best Wishes, Jeanie

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