female sleeping all day after laying 3 eggs

by Jennifer

I have a male and female and they have been mating and fixing up a nest. finally 3 days ago she laid her first egg! she has been eating and drinking and I have cuttlebone and oyster shells for her that she's been eating too. so yesterday she laid another egg. and this morning another but she has spent most of tiday sleeping which I haven seen thus far. is this normal behaviour? I read a lot about egg binding but she has been laying fine and not exhibiting any other symptoms.

thanks in advance!

Hi Jennifer,
Her sleeping all day doesn't send any alarms off in my head. You could give her a bath tub with tepid water and see if that interests her. I had a hen lay an egg in the bath water once. What a surprise. You could offer sterilized crushed egg shell,(after peeling a hard cooked egg, put the shell in the microwave for 2 minutes). If you think she might be egg bound you could take an eye dropper and put one drop of vegetable oil just a tiny bit into her vent. I have used these methods with my birds, but I am not a veterinarian so this is not advice. I'm just sharing my experiences with you. You could also just wait and see if she lays again or relocates to the floor of the cage. Good Luck, Jeanie

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