Female too young????

My lady Gouldian is only six months old and she and her mate are showing all the signs of getting ready to mate. He bobs up and down and she crouches on a limb and wiggles her tail. Should I just let nature take it's course or is she too young?

Hi Terry,

That's a hard one for me to answer. All the research that I have read states that six months is too young and that waiting another six months, until the female is at least a year old, will produce the best breeding results. That seems to make good sense and to be ideal, but I have not always been able to follow that rule. The emotional and physical condition of each bird has been my guideline once there has been a successful completion of their first molts. I worried that if a pair were calm, happy together, in good physical condition and starting to demonstrate the breeding posturing that to separate them would be interferring with mother nature and somewhat unkind. Not everyone has the same opinion. I hope I have helped you to make the decision on what you feel is in your birds' best interest. Never have I experienced breeding complications that I felt had anything to do with immaturity.

Thanks for visiting my site, Jeanie

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