Finch hiccups?

by Christine
(Streetsboro, OH USA)

Good evening!

I recently purchased a Gouldian and a Green Song Winged finch. Our Gouldian, Princess, is fairly active during the day and even chirps to me, but when it's close to their bed time the Gouldian looks like she has the hiccups (twitching). Could this be something serious or just her body unwinding for the night? I'm a little nervous about taking them to the vet. It's getting chilly out and I don't want to stress the birds by moving them.

On a side note, I had to trim Princess's nails. After I returned her to the cage she sat on perch away from me with her back towards me, after 5 min or so she flew to her normal perch near me and kept peeking at me. I think she was mad at me and then forgave me. So much personality for such a little bird. I love these little birds and want to make sure I'm spoiling them correctly.
Thank you!
Streetsboro, Ohio

Hi Christine,

What looks and soundslike the hiccips is most likely air sac mites. At least that is the first thing to suspect. You can diagnose it by putting your head real close to the cage at night when everything else is quiet and the birds are sleeping. The best way to describe the sound is that it is a clicking sound.
If there is a bird store near you, the medicine that I have always used is called Ivermectin. There is another medicine called Scat that is good also. If there is an avian veterinarian that you could call on, I doubt that you would have to take the bird in. They would be able to sell the medicine to you and tell you how and when to give it and if you need to treat any other birds too. Two treatment's, two weeks apart should take care of it.

You put your finger fight on it when you said, "so much personality." I am sure she was mad at you! Don't let anybody call you crazy. Not everyone understands and it is hard to believe.

Best Wishes, Jeanie

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Sep 26, 2012
by: Terry

Agreed. Almost ceertainly air sac mites. You need to catch it early because if you are too late, you can still kill them but they will choke the bird to death.
It is best to be on a calendar-regulated air sac mite treatment program.
ESPECIALLY for the lady gouldians.
terry wallace

Thanks Terry, Jeanie

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