flightless lady gouldian

by desmond

hello thanks to o wonderful web page

my name is desmond

I have recently bought a female LG and kept it 1 week in a small cage beside my indoor aviary
I have placed her inside to find out she doesn't fly
some of her wing feathers are gone
what you sugest I do?

the bird just sits at the bottom.

Did you get my response? I am having problems with my computer and I fear it wasn't sent well.

I would go back to the person from whom I purchased the bird. He had to know that the bird could not fly and he probably knows why too. If you ar already attached to the bird and want to keep her then do. I'd watch her closely to be sure no other bird is picking on her ant that she is warm and eating. Perhaps it is loss of or feather damage and she will be alright after her next molt. Best Wishes, Jeanie

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Apr 23, 2015
wing feathers
by: Anonymous

I recently had a bird that was molting and lost its wing feathers and could only fly in a circle. She stayed on the ground and I put food there for her. She eventually grew the feathers back. She is a white breasted black head which I understand does not occur in the wild. Maybe that has something to do with the odd molting?

That could be. Yes White breased Gouldians are mutations and I believe they are not found in the wild. I have found that funny feather things happen with different mutation. Thanks, Jeanie

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