by subangan
(Sri Lanka)

i have lot of problems with fostering society for gouldian my society is not taking care of eggs and nestbox and i have problems in timing also plz help me.


It sounds as if you are trying to foster Gouldians to just one society. I always put three societies, sex doesn't matter, together with a nest box with coconut fiber nesting material all ready for them. I like to use all the same sex societies, male or female so that if they do lay their own eggs, I know they won't be fertile and can remove them without feeling guilty, when I need them to foster Gouldian eggs or chicks. It's OK to use a pair of societies instead of three. I use three so that if something bad happens to one of them the fostered young will still have two parents to care for them I feed and treat the societies exactly the same as I do Gouldians except that I don't give the societies as large a cage. I have upon occasion given the societies fake eggs to get them started brooding and then switched those out with Gouldian eggs when needed. Hope this is helpful.

Best Wishes, Jeanie

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