found a half shell now with yellow yolk on cage floor

by Lisa

Hello again,

this is my second writing. I had found two eggs on the cage floor after my pair was brooding, last I look there were 4 eggs so I think this is possibly one of the 4. Like I said the first egg was laid on Feb 23rd and she laid 4 eggs after that, so a total of 5, but I did check and there was only 4. They have been brooding on them since I believe around the 26th, so as of today it has been about 10 days total and when I saw the half shell today with egg I was so disappointed, so now I'm assuming there are just 3 eggs. Is it normal for both of them to be brooding at the same time? Because they are sure both on them most of the day at the same time.
Well lets hope I have at least 3 good eggs. I never touch the eggs or bother the nest, but I can see inside the nest when I stand in front of the cage.

Hi Lisa,

It is perfectly normal for both parents to be in the nest at the same time. They have had a little trouble starting out, but I am hoping that is behind them now.
Thanks for keeping me updated, Jeanie


Lisa Clingersmith

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