found two eggs on cage floor this morning, 5 eggs in nest with both parents brooding them


My pair of Gouldians laid their first egg on Wednesday Febuary 23rd, and have laid one every morning for 5 days in a row, so my final count that I saw in the nest was five, so I believe I saw 5 on Monday, when I took off their cover this morning there was an egg on the cage bottom broken and then maybe about an hour or so later I saw another egg on the bottom, I was going to pick it up and put it in their nest but when I picked it up it was broken this was Tues morning. I did see 5 eggs this morning in the box so I don't think they tossed any out of the nest. They have both been brooding on the eggs for about 3 days now, they do take turns but they are both in there quite a bit.
I was just wondering why she would not lay the last two eggs in the nest and what could possibly be the reason.
I'm thankful that she is taking care of the ones in the nest but just curious.
If you recall Jean I'm the one that lost my entire clutch 10 years ago.
Thank you,


Hi Lisa,

That is unusual, but I have had that happen too. If the eggs were broken or broke when you tried to pick them up, it sounds as though the hen may need some additional calcium. My best guess is she didn't feel right and sat down on the cage floor, layed the eggs, felt better and went back to the nest. I give mine a mineralized grit and I keep a cuttle bone in the cage. The grit is blue colored chips of oyster shell bits. If you Google Abba, their web site will tell you if they sell to any pet stores in your area. I also feed mine free range chicken eggs, but the regular eggs are fine too. After I peel the eggs, I put the wet shells in the microwave for two and a half to three minutes and then I feed my birds the sterilized egg shells too.

Glad the parents are taking good care of the eggs. It's fun to candle the eggs after about the tenth day after the last egg has been layed. A pen light will shine right through the shells and if they are fertile you will be able to see lots of blood vessels inside. You won't have to wait the whole twenty one days to find out if they are viable. Sounds as though things are going well. You probably already know that the parents won't start to feed the chicks for one or two days while the chicks live on what was left of the yolk. Some people get really worried. Thought I'd mention it just in case you didn't know.

Good going! Jeanie

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Mar 04, 2011
two eggs found on cage floor
by: Lisa Clingersmith

I believe that an egg did get tossed from the nest because the last time I checked there were only 4 eggs, and there was for sure 5 eggs at one time.
I realized what might have possibly been the reason. Several days ago the cover got caught on the nest when I was taking it off and the nest fell to the bottom of the cage, I'm thinking maybe that has something to do with it, but not sure.
I give them eggs with the shells, they have a cuttlebone and she has eaten it like crazy, I do give them grit also, I have been giving them greens every day and 5 days a week I put a product called Calcium plus in their water 5 days a week, and I give them spray millet and a soft food called Miracle Mean both produts by Morining Bird.The Grit I give them ins Hi-Cal Grit by Kaytee that I purchased at PetCo.

Now I've got some questions for you. Please describe the nest that you are using. What is the cover like and how could the nest fall? Not sure how you feed your egg. When you say you feed them eggs with shells? Do you mean finely chopped up cooked egg mixed with a packaged dried egg food? Is the grit you give them made up of oyster shell bits with added minerals? As long as the birds have a mineralized grit and clean cuttle bone, I would not add calcium to the water. When it is in the water, it is harder for the birds to control the amount they are getting and there is a lot of waste. Great, my birds always have spray millet in their cage. I have heard good things about Morning Bird, but I don't know what Miracle Mean is. Are you feeding raw vegetables like Romaine lettuce or are you feeding sprouted seeds?
Thanks for answering, Jeanie

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