further to my last question

by Deb
(Qld, Australia)

Hey Jeanie........it has only been about half an hour since my first question to you and I have found another baby on the floor.....dead....at the other end of the aviary.....I am devastated.......

I should also add that we live in rural tropical queensland Australia.....it is warm basically all year round if not hot thru summer and we have our aviary on the verandah.....

it does not recieve any sun on it but it is in daylight and in a breezeway....so not to get too hot......what am I doing wrong????........

my absolute excitement at having babies so soon has turned to sorrow for losing them so soon as well........

I am having trouble in sending you photos at the moment....but will as soon as I can......I have not peeped back into the nest as I'm afraid I might scare them......

as finches come from Australia I don't think the weather is a factor......do you think because I had a peek earlier that it upset them and that is why she thru it out..........

I can still hear peeping from inside.........

thanks Jeanie.........
cheers from not so cheery Deb

IT'S NOT YOUR FAULT!!!! and it is awful if you did not know that some Gouldians are known to do this.

It's terrible to find the chicks outside the nest. Believe me you are not doing anything wrong!

Your birds bred and had chicks. You are a success! This is just something that some Gouldian pairs do.

I do fear the rest of the chicks will be tossed too.

I don't know how you feel about this, but there is a very good chance that if you take the zebra finchs' eggs away from them and put the Gouldian chicks in their nest that the zebras will foster them.

Zebra and society finches are prolific breeders. They won't have any trouble breeding again. I know it's not a nice choice.

Looking ahead a bit, pairs that toss are most often going to toss again with future chicks. If you want to let the zebras keep their eggs, they won't take care of the Gouldians at the same time.

If by the time you get this, it's too late to save any of your chicks, then you won't have to choose between eggs and chicks and that might be easier.

However, If you are going to let the Gouldian pair breed again and if you want the zebras to have their own chicks, then get either two or three male or two or three female society finches and set them up in a smaller cage with a nest box.

They are the happiest finches and all they ever want to do is sit on eggs and care for chicks. If they are all females, you won't feel bad taking their eggs.

Sometime after the Gouldian pair lay their next clutch, just transfer the eggs to the society finches, nest box.

My societies go to sleep in their nest box around 5:00 every evening, so put the eggs in their nest one evening.
Very sorry. Jeanie


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Aug 13, 2012
thrown babies
by: DAN s wales uk

hi Jean, just a bit of peace of mind for any one breeding theses wonderful birds, you are not on your own feeling down when you see your chicks on the floor. I have picked chicks off the floor that looked dead and brought them back to life by blowing warm air on to them,I put them back in the nest and they have survived. and do not be thinking only males do this, I have proved that females do this as well, like Jean said, think of them as people, you have good parents and bad parents. as for fostering I dont like doing it, only parent reared birds for me, its hard work but that is the challenge. all the best with your birds DAN

Hi Dan, In a perfect world, I would agree with you on this subject, but I find I want to save all the little ones' lives that I can and my fostering societies seem so happy when they are caring for chicks. I just think it's all good and to each his own. Jeanie

Apr 01, 2011
by: Deb

Thankyou Lisa for your comments........as this is the first time I have had finches I must say I am learning as I go along and really had no idea that my finches would mate so early........thrilled I must say that they did....I am worried now about the other nest as it has 7 eggs in it........I feel like a mother hen now and I am constantly watching and listening......and apart from my loss...I am thoroughly enjoying the experience.....fingers crossed........will keep you posted on developments......thanks again.....Deb

Mar 31, 2011
Found baby Gouldian Chick
by: Lisa

I have read that sometimes it is due to them being just too young and that at least one year old or older is best to breed the Gouldians.

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