gouldern female loosing feathers on chest and lower to legs

by Ian Girle
(Mackay Qld Australia)

my female gouldian finch is loosing feathers from chest to legs she has just had first single young come out of nest box it has been very wet for the last 2 weeks it seems to have happend in a couple of days. she is in cage with one baby and a male she is the only one out of 18 birds like this she has a bh w chest(with some blue feathers mix)and green back

Thanks Ian

Hi Ian,

Be sure to keep your birdseed dry so that it does not sprout and go sour. I doubt that the wet weather has anything to do with the hen's feather loss. Since feathers are mostly made of protein, I would make sure that the hen is offered chopped hard boiled egg each morning. You are probably doing that already so that the parents can feed the chick. Lack of Iodine is also thought to effect feathering. I keep a dish with mineralized oyster shell chips in it with my birds all the time. I cannot speak regarding the additives on the market for feather growth. I never had any luck with them. Some of my birds did have feather problems. Some would be better after a molt and some never really got noticeably better at all. I hope some readers will respond to this question with better ideas for success in this area than I can offer. Best Wishes, Jeanie

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