Gouldian Finch breding - temperature for breeding gouldian finches

Please tell me what is the ideal temperature for breeding Gouldian finches?

Any special tips for how to maintain their cage at this temperature? Or what season is best for breeding?

Oct. and Nov., in the U.S., are Australia's spring. Studies show that captive domesticated Gouldians breed more during those months. 77-80 degrees F. has worked best for me. Stores that sell reptile supplies sell ceramic heat lamp bulbs that screws into a clip on ceramic lamp base and can be clipped to or hung on the outside of the cage for additional heat. This bulb does not emit any light. Wrap the other three sides of the cage with toweling to keep the heat in, but leave the top and front open for ventilation. Keep a thermometer on or in the cage until you have decided on the optimal placement of the heat bulb. Another method is to place the bird cage on a heating pad set on low. Keep a thermometer near by to regulate this method also. If neither of these ideas work for you, put a regular 60 watt bulb near the cage. Rig things up so that the light is not bothering the birds. I usually clip some small dark towels between the bulb and the cage, but not so close as to be a fire hazard!!!
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