Gouldian layed one egg only

by Brian Vibert
(Preston, UK)

hi, i have a pair of gouldians, the cock has been doing the mating dance and i have seen she has layed one egg but its been 3 days and no more and the cock is still trying to mate her please could you give me some advice

Hi Brian,

Gouldians do not usually take care of a clutch of one or even two eggs. I remove single eggs from nest boxes and most often the pair will breed again. The good news is that your pair are compatible and healthy enough to produce an egg. It's a good start. Makes me think that you are probably providing a complete breeding diet which I think is always the first place to look for reasons for breeding failures. Next, I consider the temperature the pair are living in, the number of daylight hours they get and the humidity level near them. The temperature must be consistant, no wide variations and kept in the high 70's or even 80's for breeding. Sometimes just covering the cage on all sides and top and leaving the front open will be enough to increase the cage temperature, but sometimes I place a ceramic heat lamp, marketed for reptile owners, in a clip on shop reflector lamp, near the nest box and cage or a heating pad tied or clipped to the cage side. My full spectrum lights are set on timers because breeding pairs need 14 hours a day. As for increasing the humidity I mist near the cage frequently or I place my humidifer, just a cheap one from the drug store, near the cage.

Thanks for visiting my site. I hope this helps. Jeanie

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