gouldian sudden death

by rigor
(Santa Rosa city, Laguna, Philippines)

Good day, iam giving my gouldians a water soluble vitamins for 7 days a week. But unfortunately iam experiecing sudden sickness and death. A friend of mind told me that i should give 2 days water soluble antibiotic/vitamins low dosage as prevention instead of 7 continous days of giving vitamins.Is it okay to do this, can it affect the eggs of the breeding pair or their chicks if they have already? Iam from the Philippines and having 100 pairs over of gouldians,society,canary and other finches.I just started this hobby 6 months ago.Thanks for your reply


I cannot say if the illnesses and sudden deaths are a result of the vitamins. I had great success giving my Gouldians vitamins two alternating days a week and pure sterilized water all the other days. If you are giving a complete breeding diet to your Goulds, I doubt that the additional vitamins are needed. It is possible to cause illness by giving too many supplements such as vitamins.
It is hard to know what specific antibiotic is the one that will be effective if there is a bacterial infection. It is something that you could try for a very short time. If I had the problem I would stop the vitamins altogether for several weeks and see if things get better. I don't think antibiotics given to the adult birds will effect the eggs and chicks, but do give your pairs a breeding diet of fresh greens and chopped cooked hard boiled egg each morning. I hope this helps you and your bird. Thank you for visiting my site. Jeanie

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