Gouldians housed with other types of finches

I have a flight cage with 9 finches--a mated pair of zebra, a male star, a male cordon bleu, & 3 male society in addition to a pair of gouldians. Will they (gouldians) breed in this environment or is it best to put them in their own cage by themselves?

Thank you
Karrie O.

Hi Karrie,

Your Gouldians may breed without any difficulty in a mixed flight. I preferred to set mine up for breeding one pair to a cage. Many other breeders have success with the mixed flight cage so it is really your choice. When I attempted letting my birds breed in a mixed aviary, they did not select just one nest box. I had put up several nest boxes and I would find one egg in one box and the next day there would be another lone egg in another box and then I discovered that my societies wanted to take over the Gouldians' nests and raise the chicks. It just didn't work well for me. Maybe if my birds had been together in a flight cage before breeding I would have had better luck and maybe if I had only one pair of Gouldians to a flight cage things would have gone better.
Best Wishes, Jeanie

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