green gouldians will eat

I want to make sure my lady Gouldian finches have a healthy diet with everything in balance, but apart from commercial seed mixes, I want to know what are the greens Gouldians will eat - and where can I buy them?

They need to be given dark green leafy vegetables, Romain lettuce, kale, collard greens, are a few that I know they enjoy, as well as vegetables with carotene in them such as shredded carrots. Appendix F in my Lady Gouldian Finch Breeding Expert Guide E-book,(which will be available on this site very soon), has a broader list of vegetables to either grow in your garden or purchase in a grocery store.
Seeds packaged specifically and sold for the purpose of either sprouting or soaking for finch food can be purchased from a bird store. They will most likely have to be special ordered. Don't soak just any seeds for the birds. If the the seeds are not prepared and fed exactly according to the directions The birds will most likely become very sick. Look on line for bird seeds for finches for soaking and sprouting.
Best of luck!

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