Growing Up

My female has completed molt about one month ago. My male has signs of partial back, belly and about half his chest. Very little started on his head. She is three months older than he. Now he thinks he is peter cottontail hippity hopping every now and then for her. Just like my kids I would like him to at least look the part (full color) before he starts thinking seriously about a family. I will not offer a box nest thinking this may excellerate his thoughts. What do you all think??

Hi Allen,

I don't see what harm can come from not offering them a nest or from giving them one. You did say that your male is three months younger than your hen, but I don't know how old he actually is. I have always thought that when they are given all that their bodies require, the birds know what they can be doing and when. My preference has been to pair one year old birds for breeding, but that's no hard and fast rule.

Hope more readers reply, Jeanie

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Oct 28, 2012
by: DAN s wales uk

hi jean and to every body else that reads this. i was told a few years back by a gouldian breeder that a 2 year old hen and a 1 year old cock bird was the best pairing , as she as got the experience and he is full of him self. all the best Dan

Thanks Dan, That makes sense to me too. Jeanie

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