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There is a term that is widely used called ‘bird fever’. The term refers to the fact that once a person owns a bird they will soon get ‘bird fever’ and get another bird (or two.)

People love birds for many reasons, the beautiful plumage, their loyalty and ability to talk being at the top of the list. However, some bird owners prefer to just look at these beautiful creatures, and not handle them.

Most birds require human interaction and lots of attention. If they do not get held and talked to on a daily basis they can easily become ‘mean’ and begin to bite, or worse, pluck themselves.

If you are in the group that prefers to watch your birds, then finches are perfect for you. There are many varieties of finches, the most commonly known is the Zebra finch. They are delightful little creatures with a song that sounds (to me) like a little bitty Volkswagen ‘Bug’ horn!

If you prefer something a little more exotic, there are Cordon Blues, or the Sahel Paradise Whydah, and of course the beautiful Lady Gouldians.

The Paradise Whydah is different because of their extremely long tail feathers. This species is a finch, and therefore a very small bird, but the bird cage they are housed in should be quite large to accommodate the tail and prevent damage to these unusual feathers.

The Cordon Blue finch is a blue finch! They are very pretty, and while not as active as some of the other finches, they are fun to watch. The cage for these little birds can be from small to medium in size.

The Lady Gouldian Finch (seen above) has the most beautiful plumage of the finch species. It is easy to see why these birds are so high in demand, they are almost like owning a fish tank – one can sit for hours and just look at them.

Lady Gouldians are quite active; therefore a medium sized cage is best for them. All species of finch are very prolific and if you do not want to be over-run with babies, try getting two males. The males get along quite well together.

TIP: When purchasing a cage for finches, make sure to get one with wire spacing of ½ inch. Finches can escape between the wires of a cage with 5/8 inch spacing or larger.

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Enjoy your beautiful little birds!