Hello. My Ladies are puffed up often. Is this ok? Also when do I know they are ready to mate? I have male and female. They are caged with two Aurora Finches that are very active. Please advise.

Is it normal for the lady finches to be plump and full often? Also when do I know they are ready to mate?

No, it is not normal for Lady Gouldians to puff out their feathers and just sit around hunched up and lethargic. Increasing the temperature may be all that is needed, but this can be a symptom of many different health problems. If you can get a moist stool specimen to be examined under a microscope or by an avian veterinarian that would be the first step that I would take to rule out parasites. If this is a newly acquired bird, contact the previous owner and discuss the problem. Wish I could be of more help, but I am not qualified as a veterinarian.
You will know that Gouldians are ready to breed by the behaviour of the male and female birds. The males will sing and hop up and down and the females will respond by vibrating their tail feathers. The actual mating takes place inside their nest box so they will need a box set up. Since Gouldians don't make nests, they will need you to put nesting material inside the box for them to move around. Hoping all goes well for you and your ladies, Jeanie

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