by patty jackson a jackson
(United States)

Hi my lady Gouldians colors are dole not as bright as they usually are most of the time, and this is happening only to my black heads, I have red and orange heads and the only ones looking dole are the black heads, they are in different cages all by colos but next to each other, black heads are all together and red heads with red heads and so on. they are eating the same food all cages are under a spectrum light, they are infront of a big window in a room that is very well put together for them.

Hi Patty,

If you are treating all of your birds the same and only the black heads are looking less than gorgeous, it's hard to say what the trouble is. They could be about to start a molt or there could be some nutrients missing from their diet. I think I would give them egg food and dark green veggies each morning and see how they take to it. The idea being just to give them more choices of foods. I would also add a cup of canary seed to their cage. Wish I knew more to tell you.

Best Wishes, Jeanie

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