Hen laying dud clutches 3 times after many successful breedings.

by Susan V
(Mesa, AZ, USA)

My Gouldian female, for the first time, began laying a new clutch of eggs while her 4 young were not yet weaned. She laid 8 and they were all duds. I took them out and she immediately laid six more. These also ended up being duds. After removing them I finally was able to clean the nest out from the previous raising of young and put in fresh bedding. She laid a third clutch of 6 and was brooding them normally, though it seemed the male was spending less time helping her than usual.Yesterday, neither adult was on the nest, so I checked the eggs and again they were all duds. Why is the male not fertilizing the eggs? And why does she keep laying when he's not showing any interest apparently. I have not seen him dance for her since the last batch of live young were being "created". Do birds fall out of love?I have heard that birds are born with the makings as many eggs as they will ever lay already inside. She's using hers up at an alarming rate if this is true. This couple has been successful breeders for over 2 years now. I have had many successful clutches raised by them so they are experienced. At one point, before this most recent successful clutch, I thought she needed rest from laying. She had had two or three successful clutches in a row. So I took the nest out. But she started laying eggs in the shrubs hanging in the cage so I put it back in to save the eggs. So apparently she didn't want a rest. Can you help?

I think a Gouldians' life is like a human's life in that there is no answer. Sometimes things happen that we don't want and they just happen. I think I would take out the nest box, decrease the daylight hours and the temperature,(just a little) and cut back on their breeding food, just not everyday, to let them both rest before they start molting. Wish I knew the answers to everything about Gouldians. Best Wishes, Jeanie

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Feb 06, 2016
by: max

did you breed her or buy from a big breeder if so she maywell need a half season spell i found that worked

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