Hen not laying fertile eggs

by Aslam
(Hyderabad, India)

I have pair red head Gouldian finches from past one year. Female is not laying fertile eggs. She has layed eggs three time in past one year.

Hi Aslam,

Just as it is with humans, there are many possible reasons for infertility. The male could be sterile, the vitamins and minerals needed for successful embryo development may be insufficient. There are nutrients that are necessary and must be available to Gouldians when breeding. The pair may be incompatible and not care for each other. The temperature, humidity level as well as the number of sunlight hours and availability of full spectrum light can all be contributing factors. If the environment and diet are set up correctly and providing all that is needed, the first thing I would do would do would be to try the female with a different male.

I hope this helps, Jeanie

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Sep 07, 2011
Difference between male and female shaft tail finches.
by: Anonymous

Only the cock sings. Cocks may be induced to sing by temporarily placing them in a cage by themselves, out of sight of other finches. When compared to males, hens may have a slightly smaller bib, less pronounced thigh band, smaller bill, and/or the bill may be a shade lighter than the cock's,the cocks tails are longer than females.but these visual sexing methods may be not work some times. I having 3 pairs of shaft tail finches and two pairs are on eggs.

Aug 13, 2011
by: assaf al tae

I thank you too for helping me to continue. I own a pair shaft tail finches and I want to know what are the differences between the Male and
Female is known that the color of one of them is gray-to-head with the black and another color to yellow or pale desert balloon
thanks 4 help me.

Hi Assaf,

I do not have any experience with shaft tail finches so I cannot answer your question. Try to google, "shaft tail finch sex identification."

Sorry to not be more helpful, Jeanie

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