hi,i have a bird,that is acting fanny,twisting his head like sick,what can i do to help it,he look sick.Please help!

by alex hernandez
(san antonio,texas)

hi ,i have a bird,look like he is sick,twisting his head,in distress,can't fly,falling off perch.can you tell me,what is wrong,what can I do to help? Thank you.

Hi Alex,

Unfortunately what you describe sounds like a problem that quite a few Gouldian lovers have had to deal with. It is called Star Gazing or Twirling. There is no cure and about the only things I have done for my birds that had it was
to provide additional heat so they could stay warm, relaxed and confined to a smaller cage with some very low perches. There are some peoople who think the cause is an inner ear infection which they treat with an antibiotic. I never found that to help. I wish I had a better answer for you. If the bird seems to be suffering, let me know and I can give you instructions on how to humanely put him down.

Very sad for you, Jeanie

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