How can I breed my Gouldian Finches to breed??

by Sayantani
(Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India )


I would like to know that "How can I encourage my Gouldian Finches to breed?"
Currently I am having 2 healthy pairs of normal green back Gouldian Finches (without any abnormality),both pairs in separate cages with nesting pots placed in them (1st pair, yellow head male and red head female and 2nd pair both red head)
As per my observation they don't enter the nesting pot at all always sleep on top of it.
I feed them with finch mix seed once a week egg food and cuttle bone is always available.
Other than this I am having 10 pairs of zebra finches and a pair of silver java, a pair of long tail also a pair of society finch.
Among all only 4 pair of zebra a successful in breeding and most of the other pairs lay eggs but after some days throw eggs from the pot or never feed the babies and let them die..
All my birds are in separate cages but the partition between two cage is made of mesh so it allows all the birds to see into each others cage.
Please give me a solution....

Thanks and Regards..

Hi Sayantani,

Doing all you can to duplicate what would be their natural environment in the wild, (spring in Queensland, Australia) has produced the best results for me. 14 hours of sunlight a day. 77-82 degrees room temperature, egg food and green vegetables fresh each morning are the basics.
Hope this helps, Jeanie

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