How many clutch per season?

by Bernie
(Encino, Ca.USA)

Let me start by sharing with you how happy I am that my pair of lady Gouldian has had 3 successful 3 clutches in a season. They have been great parents! I feel that they will breed again as soon as the chicks are able to feed on their own. However, how much is too much? How many clutches per season is ideal? I don't want to put too much stress on the pair especially on the hen. How can I help them? Thank you very much.

Hi Bernie,

Nice, considerate question. I would let my pairs have 3 and sometimes 4 if they clearly wanted a 4th clutch. In my book there is a chart, but you can find the chart online I'm sure. The chart is a month by month record of the number of daylight hours in Queensland,Australia. My plan with my birds was to recreate an Australian year or setting of the different seasons. Each month I would reset the timers on the lights for their cages and I would cut down on the spring-like egg food and sprouts or greens. When their molt started, I'd give them a bit more hard cooked eggs because, (I've read), feathers are mostly made of protein I would also follow Queensland's temperatures too. That seemed to work for me.
Thank you for your question and photo. Your birds are lovely. Jeanie

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Mar 03, 2016
Aussie daylight and temps
by: Adrian

Hi there,

I was toying with this idea for a while.
Where will I find your chart you are working with?
Also, do you ever thought about regulating the humidity as well.
I let mine breed twice and rarely a third time

Best of luck


Hi Adrian,

Of course the charts are in my e-book, which is in the process of becoming a paperback that Amazon self publishing will be producing in the next few months. However, if you Google Australian monthly weather temperatures and daylight hours, I think you will find it. You might have to use some different key words to find it, but that was how I got it.
Yes, humidity is important and in my aviary I had a couple of little table top fountains and the bird's bath water, I'm sure helped too and I also had a dishwasher there. I even got a little stick on, humidity gauge. Those are specifically marketed to reptile owners in most pet stores, but in Maryland, humidity is not a problem. I pretty much let my pairs breed as many times as they want as long as they did not have more than 3 clutches and most of mine did well with three and the daylight hours changing along with the spring like food. Thanks you for your input, Jeanie
I pretty much let my Gouldians

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