How much can an egg take?

by Janet Febus
(Feeding Hills, MA)

My Gouldian pair is on their second clutch. The first went without any problems. I read conflicting articals about when to take out the first clutch. When I found five eggs in the nest and they still were not laying on them I took out the first batch and they immediately layed on them for a day and half. They have been off now for a day and a half. Are the eggs still alive? Is this normal? When would you pull them out to be fostered?


Hi Janet,

I would foster the eggs as soon as possible if I had societies set up with their own nest box and no young of their own. I think this would give them their best chance. What you described is not abnormal given their situation, but its not what we want.

I can't say if the eggs are viable. About ten days after being laid, you can candle the eggs with a tiny penlight flashlight. If all is well you will be able to see tiny red blood vessels inside them.

Thanks for visiting my site. I hope it goes well for you all, Jeanie

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Jan 06, 2012
Bird Rings
by: Anonymous

Would like to know were I can obtain Bird Rings for my finches and canaries.


Both colored split plastic bands and aluminum bands can be ordered from the National Finch and Softbill Society. Email:

Jan 05, 2012
candling can be detrimental
by: Anonymous

gouldian embryos/eggs should not be candled ever. mark them w date and discard if not hatched in 18 days

Interesting. I know that many breeders mark the eggs like you suggest. I was always afraid that the ink would contaminate the contents of the egg or that I, clumsy as I am, would somehow damage or break the shell by handling and writing on it. I am quite quick with my penlight flashlight and I ONLY use the kind of penlight flashlight that nurses use to examine the reflexes of human eyes. Thank you for your contribution, Jeanie

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