How often should I let my pair mate and lay eggs

by Vicki
(Ft myers florida)

I have 3 pairs of gouldians my one pair have not mated yet, my second pair are just now laying eggs, 4th one today and my first pair this is their second clutch and I just moved to societies. I took out their nest and everything but they are still mating ... Should I put the box back in ? And my other question is I know that they mate for life but is it possible to switch mates if I keep them about 4 cages apart?

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Hi Vickie,

I would let my Gouldians have three clutches before I took down their nests. I probably would put the nest box back up. A lot of our Gouldians internal clocks are still set on Australian time and seasons. Our fall is their spring. What really makes this decision easier is changing the seasons for the birds by decreasing the daylight hours, the temperature and the breeding diet. All of that is in the book, but if you Google for weather patterns in Australia I think you'll find a monthly guide that you can follow for your birds environment so your birds won't think they should always be breeding or molting. It took me a really long time to understand this and I am not sure I have helped you since I am in MD and you are in FL, but I hope so. Let me know if you have more questions.

Best Wishes, Jeanie

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