How to cure a balding Gouldian Finch?

by Linda J.
(Mission Viejo, CA)

I have 3 Gouldians. One is losing his feathers around the right side of his face. The other 2 are not showing this symptom.

I do not know. Some think it is a dietary or vitamin deficiency,like not enough Iodine. I was never able to pin it to one thing. I would rethink their diets. Could they have feather mites? Are your birds getting enough animal protein. Feathers are mostly made from protein. In the wild Gouldians eat bugs. I never had one even think about eating a bug, but they will eat finely chopped hard boiled eggs. If it is just the one bird and the others are all doing well and eating the same foods, I think it just happens to some birds and all you can do is wait and see. I wish I had a better answer for you. Sorry, Jeanie

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