how to determine that the gouldian finches are preparing to lay egg

I want to learn the basics of gouldian finch breeding and wanted to know how to determine that the Gouldian finches are preparing to lay eggs?

My e-book, Lady Gouldian Finch Care and Breeding Expert Guide, will be available for purchase on or before August the 16th. It covers this question, but for now, I will tell you. Breeding season usually follows a molt. The male's two long tail feathers will be their longest, the female's beak tip will darken. The male will display his courtship dance and song and the female will respond to him by bowing and swishing or flickering her tail feathers side to side quickly. The actual breeding takes place inside the nest or nest box, so look for them to be spending an increased amount of time in their box. Thanks for visiting my site! Hope this helps.

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