I have a male & female Lady Gouldian. I did not buy them to breed, but they do. Will they breed all year long?

My female Lady Gouldian is either producing eggs or sitting o the next that contains the eggs.

What is the breeding season?
Is it more stressful to just toss the eggs and then she will produce more, or is it more stressful for her to be always creating more eggs.
Should I separate the male and female at certain times of the year?
What is the solution.
Thank you


Since we create and control their living environment, there is no set breeding time. They will breed when they think the conditions are right for their future chicks to survive. In the wild, they breed in the spring. In Australia spring is now, our fall. Do you want them to breed? If you do, wait 10 days before you candle the eggs with a little penlight flashlight. If you can see lots of tiny red blood vessels in the eggs they are fertile and developing eggs. If no blood vessels, toss out the eggs and the birds most likely will lay again. Don't worry about stressing out the hen if you are feeding them fresh greens and hard boiled eggs each day. Mostly, I would let the pairs have 3 clutches of eggs, raise their chicks and then take away the nest box as the seasons change they know what to do and when. I didn't separate my males and females. Their internal clocks and their diet and environments tell them when it's time to move on from breeding to molting and then breeding again. Hope this is helpful, Jeanie

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