I think my female Lady Gouldian Finch is dieing

by Peggy
(Yuba City, CA,US)

I have a female Lady Gouldian Finch that I've had for about 2 years now. Her mate died about a year ago when it got out of its cage while it was being cleaned and flew into a door. My finch has been by herself for about a year now and has adapted well. She's gotten very used to us because she's always very calm and doesn't seem like she scares easily by us. I left the cage outside last night on our patio table and this morning when I checked on her she was on the bottom of the cage having trouble walking and wings were fanned out a little, like trying to balance her self.I picked her up and noticed she had dried poop on her bottom. I managed to loosen it and pulled away from her bottom and long stringy poop kept coming out as I kept pulling. I finally got it all cleaned her bottom with a wet paper towel and set her back in her cage. I went back about 10 minutes later and she was eating but still unable to walk and wabbly. then she wabbled to a corner of her cage and just laid there. Kept checking on her periodically and she was still just laying there. Mid afternoon I picked her up again and she had more dried poop attached to her bottom, I cleaned her up again. I set her in her cage and again she started eating. I tried giving her water but she would just shake her head as drops hit her beak. She can't lift her head up for too long along with the rest of her body. When she's eating she's sitting or on her side. Not too sure what's wrong with her. Could she have night fright? Please Help ASAP. Thank you

Hi Peggy,

Very sorry about your Gouldian. I can't say what her trouble is for certain. It sounds like a digestive problem, but it could have been caused by a temperature change or a draft the night she spent outside. I am not a veterinarian, but I always increased the temperature that surrounded my birds' cages when I thought they were sick. I would buy the ceramic heat bulbs that are marketed for reptile owners and hang them on the side of the cage in an aluminum shop light. Of all the finches that I know, Gouldians need the most heat. Hopefully she will be able to rest near the heat and use her energy to get well instead of using it to maintain her normally high body temperature. Sorry I didn't get your question sooner. Was away for the holiday weekend. Best Wishes, Jeanie

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