I want my Mommy

by Ray
(Deefield, IL USA)

Hi Jeanie,

The only surviving Glouldian chick from a clutch of three is six weeks old, fully feathered, eating on its own but does not want to leave the nest. The mom is brooding a new clutch and does not mind her fully grown baby in the nest every night. Will this cause problems with the hatching? Do I need to put it in another cage? The dad still feeds it whenever it begs for food.

Value your advice.


Hi Ray,

As long as none of the birds are behaving in an aggressive manner, they can all stay together. I do think that the dad at some point will decide the old chick has to go, but if he is still feeding the youngster, each day they are happy together will help the chick to mature and be ready to go it alone. It's a shame there is only one chick. I would get ready and set up another cage and get a companion for the lonely little guy. If you don't want to buy another Gouldian, a couple of Society finches will be sweet to the youngster until you have more juveniles for him to be with.

Thank you for your kind comment, Jeanie

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