in US Fl what time of year is breeding season.


How much light do they need during breeding season?

Can a regular flouresent light be okay instead of full spectrum light?

Hi Diane,

Studies have shown that Gouldians still have the best breeding results in the spring in Australia which means that's fall in the U.S., but since we create a spring like environment for them whenever we want I've found that the birds are ready to go into breeding their breeding cycle right after a molt is completed. I let the birds tell me when they are ready and then I increase their daylight hours and temperatures.
They need fourteen hours of daylight. Full spectrum lights are so readily available now in both bulbs and tubes, I never tried just regular lighting and I have never known of anyone who had success without using full spectrum lighting.

Thanks for your questions, Jeanie

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Oct 28, 2012
by: DAN s wales uk

hi Jean. let me be the first i have had success breeding gouldians without full spectrum lights, but i am changing to full spectrum in the next couple of days. why the change well i hope it will benefit my birds, I will make any change that does just that. all the best Dan

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