Is egg food must for gouldian breeding

by saty


I have purchased a breeding pair of gouldians. I need to know if egg food is mandatory for successful breeding? I am not interested in giving egg food. Kindly clarify. thanks.

Hi Saty,

Gouldians in the wild eat insects which provide the animal proteins that the birds need. Our domesticated Gouldians routinely show no interest in insects and will not eat them. In order to provide the animal proteins that the chicks will need to survive, we have to find a source of animal proteins that they will eagerly eat. Finely chopped hard boiled eggs are acceptable for the needed animal protein. One can mix the boiled egg with a commercially prepaired dry egg food or not. I had great success using a product called Cede egg food into which I added hard boiled eggs. This moist mixture can be frozen in small bits and then fed to the birds early in the mornings. Any moist food, such as egg food should not be left in the cage more than a few hours because it will spoil. I tried to estimate how much my pairs would eat so that they would clean the plate before it spoiled.

I hope this is helpful to you, Jeanie

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Nov 07, 2011
Thx for clarifying with a very good reason
by: Saty

Hi Jeanie,
Thanks for your quick response with substantiative reason. Appreciate your service.

Best Regards,

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