Is Lizard (home lizard) can eat gouldian chicks?

by Rigoberto B. Saturno
(Villa Esmeralda Sta rosa Laguna Philippines)

Good day, is the home lizard can eat gouldian eggs or small chicks? My aviary is wire screened and safe for bigger bird eating animals. But I noticed that there are lizards inside the aviary and sometimes I saw the lizard near the nest box of the gouldian. Some breeder here in my country told me that lizard can eat chick. Any recommendation on how I can get rid of the lizards. Please help, hoping for your kind consideration.


Hi Rigor,

I do not know how big the lizards are that get into your cages and nest boxes. I think it would depend on how wide they can open their mouths and what their preferred food is. Can you identify them and can you find out what they are known to eat? Maybe they only eat insects. Do your adult birds seem to be frightened by the lizards?
I once had a black snake get into my aviary. He swallowed three of my adult birds. I could see the bird lumps in his body and of course he trapped himself inside the cage because of the big bird lumps. I moved him a long long way away from my aviary.

The only idea that seems possible to me would be to cover the cage with a finer screen to keep the lizards out. Wish I could be more help. Perhaps another reader will have some better ideas for you. Jeanie

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Oct 15, 2013
Lizards (eating small birds' eggs & chicks)
by: Khokhar King

Yes dear I have experienced this issue and I am dead sure that common type lizards which are found in our homes in (Pakistan)are daring enough to eat/damage eggs and also hurt/eat the nestlings of small birds like Zebra Finch, Society Finch Or Chesnut Flanked White Black Cheeked Zebra Finch. They have also injured many of my adult birds. The only available solution is to use cages covered or made by a fencing mesh which would not let the lizards come inside the cage. Hope it will help you.

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