is there any way to know the age of a lady gouldian?

by Vi
(Texas USA)

I am buying a pair of LG and the lady who is selling them to me said that they are about 1 year old and have already had one clutch of eggs and they are great parents. She said they are ready to breed again. I thought they would breed from spring to fall. One is a normal LG and one is all yellow with a white chest. Is that right can there be such a mutation? and can they be bred to each other? I thought one could only breed RH to RH and YH to YH. Please reply ASAP. I am buying them within the week.


Hi Vi,

If you want to tell a young Gouldian from an older one, practice looking at Gouldians legs. A young bird will have new looking shiny legs. As they get older their legs get pretty scaly.

In the wild in Australia, Gouldians breed in the spring. When it is spring there, it is fall here, but this doesn't really matter when we are talking about domesticated Gouldians or Gouldians kept indoors. The environmental conditions that we create for our birds is what will stimulate the onset of the breeding period. Birds who have just completed a molt are most likely to be ready to start breeding. For them to be successful, we must duplicate the atmosphere of an Australian spring and summer. We do that by increasing the number of daylight hours they get to fourteen hours each day. The temperature must be increased to the high 70's or low 80's and the birds need to be given a special breeding diet daily. Once the Gouldians know that there is a bountiful food supply, increased warmth, a nest box and enough sunlight to sustain the lives of their chicks, they will most likely start to breed.

Yes, both the yellow backs and the white breasts are common mutations found among Gouldians world wide. Yes, they can be breeding partners. A lot of breeders want to establish a "pure" line of head colors. They don't want to fool around wondering what head colors their pairs will produce. They will pair like head colors, (RH x RH, BH x BH and YH x YH. The yellow back Gouldian is a mutation that does not allow them to visibly reveal the color black in their feathers. Black and yellow produce green. Other breeders like to pair Gouldians having differing head or back colors and then just wait to see what mutations that pair will produce.

Hope this helps, Jeanie

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