Just a Thank You

by Terri
(Dahlonega, Ga)

This has been the most knowledgable website I have come across. I adopted 2 Gouldian finches and trial and error and your website is helping me understand alot of their actions. They have tossed twice now and sadly I did not know about the foster finches. And I did not know how to feed the newborns. The video above made it look so simple. I still need to know what the baby food is. I have in the meantime bought to Society finches that have recently hatched one of the Gouldian eggs. I put 5 of their eggs in the nest but only one hatched...he/she is 6 days old now. The fosters are taking very good care of it. I did not know to remove it in 3 weeks to his own cage. I can't thank you enough for all your information. I will be moving in a couple of years to the Keys and I plan on building an aviary. I wlil make sure I read up on your colony breeding when the time comes...Thanks again....Terri

Thank you Terri. I am so glad you and your birds are doing well and that my site has helped you.
If your chicks are being fostered, you do not have to remove them from their foster parents until you think you might need the foster birds again or until you want to give them more flight space. Removing the juveniles from the parents is done to prevent the parents from becoming aggressive towards the juveniles as the parents are getting ready or are laying another clutch. Pet stores that sell birds will carry a baby bird starter formula.
I have spent the better part of this last year writing a book about the care and breeding of Gouldians. It will be sold as an electronic book,or e-book. Hopefully I will have it for sale on mywebsite in January.
Thank you again, Jeanie

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