Juvenile Gouldian feed the 2 week old baby Gouldians

by Kathy Kirkham
(Augusta, Me.)

It appears that one of my juvenile Lady Gouldians is feeding the babies that are still in the nesting box. The juvenile is very aggressive toward the parents and it appears he doesn't want the parents to feed the baby. Is the baby getting any nourishment from the juvenile? Should I separate the juveniles from the parents?

Thank you,

Hi Kathy,

I've never had that happen. I do remove the juveniles from their parents after they are weaned and I am certain they can feed themselves. I put the juveniles in a large flight cage so they get plenty of exercise and I let the parents breed a second and third time. That's just my habit. Sometimes I have seen the male parent be aggressive toward his juveniles and not let them get back into the nest box. I would definitely separate any Gouldians who are aggressive or picking on another Gouldian. Are the birds being fed by the juvenile, juveniles themselves or are they from a new brood? I would think the youngsters would be getting nourishment from the juvenile as long as he is eating well and regurgitating the food for them. If you do separate the juvenile from his parents be sure to watch and see that the parents go back to feeding them. Best Wishes, Jeanie

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