Juvenile Gouldian Grounded

by Ray
(Chicago, IL. USA)

My Normal Gouldian chick fledged three weeks ago and it was flying around with its siblings chasing the parents for food. A few days ago it was hopping around the cage floor and unable to fly. I put it in a Hospital box with heat, food/water and guardian angel to get it back to full energy. It became very energetic in three days but still can't fly. When it jumps to take off from the floor, the wings just don't flutter. Seems like it's lost control over its fully grown wings. What's happening? Will it recover or is it grounded by brain flight control for life? Your advice will be much appreciated.


Hi Ray,

I wish I had a simple answer to your question, but I don't. I think my birds lives are just like kids lives. They don't all come into this world exactly the same. Each bird is as individual as each kid and just because they look alike doesn't mean they will all make it through infancy the same. Best Wishes, Jeanie

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May 30, 2016
A bird that does not fly
by: Anonymous

If you know how to hold the bird, check to see if it has damaged flight feathers. That commonly causes the bird to be unable to fly. A predator, like a rodent or a cat may of damaged the feathers. Also, is its vent clean? Is the bird thin or normal. Is it acting otherwise normal, or does it appear not happy. A bird that looks not happy is not well. Place a series of perches close to each other leading to the top perch in the cage, so the bird can hop up to it.

That's good advice. I'd like to add one note be sure the bird is kept warm enough. Best Wishes, Jeanie

Oct 08, 2014
Young bird can't fly
by: TonyAnonymous

Hi all I've just noticed the same issue with one of my young birds only about three weeks old and flying around looking very healthy .Now all of a sudden seems total unable to fly ??

I am sorry,I have no experience with this happening. I hope some other readers will post answers for you and me both. Jeanie

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