juvenile lady gouldian

by Diane
(Wilson, NC )

I got a juvenile LG about 2 weeks ago. He or she is in a cage by itself. It seems to be happy, very active and chirps a lot. It hasn't taken a bath as far as I can tell and hasn't drank water from the water bottle. I'm thinking it is getting water from bath. Is it ok to have only one bird? Will it ever learn how to bathe or drink from a bottle?

Hi Diane,

Gouldians are slow to check out new things like baths and new foods. Some owners put society finches in their cages and call them "teacher birds." Societies are very quick to try new things. Gouldians will eventually dare to be brave, but give them a lot of time. I would just continue giving them the opportunities. Does the water bottle have a ball bearing in it? I know some birds won't learn to drink from them.

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