Keep Out of Drafts - Does that mean No Ceiling Fan?

by Lona Cox
(Somerville, TX USA)

I have closed the A/C vent in the room in which I keep my Lady Gouldian Finches. But it seems stuffy and rather warm. There is a ceiling fan in the room. Can I use in on low? Or, does that create the "draft" from which we are to protect the birds?

Hi Lona,

That's a good question. I have no experience with using ceiling fans in rooms with Gouldians. I hope others will post comments from their experiences. I would be inclined to worry if I put the fan on so I don't think I would. My aviary was air conditioned. I just deflected the vents away from blowing directly on the birds' cages. Sometimes I would cover part of a cage if I thought a vent was too close to it.
Best Wishes, Jeanie

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