Lady Gouldian Breeding

by Courtney

Hello, I have a pair of Gouldian finches that I have had for 2 years now. The male is always wanting to breed and trying to get the female's attention but when he goes near her, she doesn't want to breed. I have provided a nest box for them along with burlap and cotton nesting material and the male has seemed to make a nest inside. The females beak is black on top mostly, but they have not been breeding or laying eggs. I provide just a normal finch seed diet and they eat well and drink well. Are there any breeding tips you can give me and are there any other things I should be doing to have successful breeding. I get successful breeding with my parakeets and zebra finches and I know Gouldians take more work but am not sure of the proper things I should be doing. Please let me know thanks.

Hi Courtney,

That's a big question and is the main reason that I wrote the book. What stimulates Gouldians to breed is not as simple as just putting them together. Gouldians, while they are called domesticated, are still very much affected by their environment. To stimulate a breeding cycle Gouldians need to believe that where they live has become an Australian spring time. 14 hours of daylight and that means full spectrum lighting. They need temperatures between 77 and the 80's. They need to have fresh egg food and greens each morning so that they become convinced that there is a plentiful supply of fresh food, enough to provide for their chicks etc. It is NOT difficult to raise Gouldians. It is difficult however to find uncomplicated, reliable and sensible information as to what is needed. I have given you the basics only. They are such appreciative little birds it's fun to take good care of them. Best of Luck, Jeanie

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