Lady Gouldian Finch breeding color combination results

I don't know if there is a standard breeding color combination chart, so that you can anticipate the color results from mixing the various parent color combinations.

But maybe you can help with at least one combination, for instance:

If you pair a yellow back gouldian finch with blue back what color combination do you get in the lady gouldian chicks they would breed?


You will need to know what the color mutations were of the parents, for the last two or three generations, of your yellow and blue. I can tell you some thing, but not much. If you have a visually blue bird, you can assume that it has two genes for the color of blue which are both recessive. Their offspring will all have one recessive gene for blue for certain. Now the question is what is the lineage for the yellow. If that bird also has a recessive, invisible, gene for blue, you will get both blue backs and yellow split to blue backs. If the yellow did not have a visually blue parent, you will not have visually blue backed birds. Most likely you will have all yellow split to blue backed birds. Hope this helps, Jeanie

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