Lady Gouldian Finch Diet Feed Mixes and Recipes

I wonder if you have any suggestions or recommendations for diet of Gouldians in relation to the best mix combination or if you have an actual recipe:

1) dried insect mix for birds

2) egg food recipe gouldian

3) eggfood with insects
4) finch nesting food recipe
5) finch rearing mix

6) finches seed mix recipe

Any help with these would be appreciated, thanks.

CeDe Egg Food Co. in Holland, offers several dry mixes for both canaries and finches. It is sold world wide. I like the mix specifically for Gouldians as well as the mix with dried insects. There are several recipes in my e-book, (which I hope and plan to offer for sale on line by the end August). I would make a batch and freeze it in small containers, (plastic ice cube trays are nice if you only have a few Gouldians). A simple recipe is just mixing 1 large egg boiled for 20 minutes and finely chopped and 1 cup of CeDe egg food. If you don't have CeDe, try mixing 3 chopped, boiled eggs, 1 box high protein baby cereal, 3 Tbs. wheat germ and 1 Tbs Nekton "S"
Best of luck.

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