lady gouldian finch temperament

I was thinking of getting some birds for pets, but have read that the gouldians are not very affectionate with people.

What do you say about the lady gouldian finch temperament?

Lady Gouldians are intelligent, kind and great companions. They pay attention to all the things you do for them. For example, when mine want a bath, several of them will ruffle their wings when I come into the room to get my attention. I have had an occasional aggressive one, but that is by far not the norm. These birds are fragile and I think they know that and would rather not be handled. It pleases me to keep them in groups and watch how they interact with each other and how they watch me. If you want just one bird to interact with you, Gouldians are not a good choice. They prefer to live in the company of other Gouldians or other gentle finches. Hope this helps.

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