Lady Gouldian Finch with hiccups?

> First Name: pedro

> City: minneapolis
> Country: United States

Message:: hi i have male and female gouldin and my question is why the female do some sound like hiccup and i do not what i can do


Hello Pedro,

Listen beside the cage at night when all is quiet.

Is the sound that your bird is making like a clicking sound?

Gouldians are known for getting air sac mites. If you think that is what she's got.

She will most likely benefit from being treated with Ivermectin.

If your pet store doesn't carry it, let me know and I will tell you where to go to order it. This is a powerful medicine, follow the direction exactly.

Treat all the Gouldians that have been exposed to the sick one. They will need to be treated twice, once and then again in 14 days.

Ivermectin gets put in the water. I am not a veterinarian.

My birds have had air sac mites and this successfully treated for them.

Good Luck! Jeanie

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