Last goudian chick not being feed?

by Wilbanks
(Murrieta, ca)

Hello, my Goudian pair had 5 eggs, they all hatch, 4 of the chick are large and seem healthy, they left the nest and start to eat on their own sometimes. However there is a last one, he was the last to hatch, he still very tiny, he try to fly out of the nest several time. His parents seem ignore him . What should I do? His crop look empty, should I leave him in the aviary or should I bring him in the house and try to feed him?

Very sorry. Life is so hard sometimes. If the parents aren't feeding him. Your only chance to save him is to try hand feeding. I suspect there is something else wrong with him that the parents could see,but I don't really know that. Keep him warm. Best Wishes, Jeanie

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Nov 21, 2016
Baby Gouldian
by: Anonymous

How do I get him to eat? I try put soft regards food to his beak, but he does not open his beak!

I would Google, "hand feeding Gouldian finch chicks." I would try to dilute the hard cooked egg enough so that if you put a drop on the wide end of a tooth pick and touch it to the side of his beak, it will be drawn into his mouth quite naturally.

Best Wishes, Jeanie

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