Loss of voice

by Julie Barr
(Ipswich, Queensland, Australia)

I recently bought a pair of Gouldian Finches I believe them to be young birds, I have then in a good sized cage in my lounge room. I live in Ipswich in Qld and the weather here is moderate to warm nearly all of the time. I have their cage inside a window so they get full daylight all of the time and cover them over at night. I feed them with finch mix seed, give them fresh water every day with drops to stop mites and worms & give them fresh grasses to chew on each day. My problem is that the birds don't make any sound (sing) the female makes a very quiet sort of chirp but that's all. What am I doing wrong? Or do they have to be a certain age before they get their voices? Please advise.....Julie Barr

Hi Julie,

I thought I had just answered this question, but something must have gone wrong with my computer, glad you asked again.

To get the male to sing, he must think it's spring and a good time to go into breeding mode. I would stuff a nest box, put it up and start by giving them fourteen hours of full spectrum lighting, high 70's or low 80's temp., finely chopped hard boiled egg mixed with dry egg food each morning along with dark green leafy vegetables like Romaine lettuce. Don't leave the moist egg food stay in the cage more than a couple hours. It must not be allowed to spoil there. I am assuming that you want your pair to breed. The beautiful song of the male is really to impress the female.

Good Luck, Jeanie

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