Lost my female , two males are now together

by Russell
(Harvey WA Australia )

Hi there, I purchased a pair of goulds from a pet shop

Set up an enclosure with a natural environment.
They bred within two weeks.
They only had 1 chick .
I was surprised to see they were nesting again
Unfortunately the hen passed away in the nest .
It leaves the male and offspring (male) in the same
Flight. I would like to introduce another hen
But I am concerned with a cold winter and two males
It would be detrimental to all.
I am currently extending the flight making two separate
Enclosures . Should I wait before I get a hen?

Hi Russell,

Gouldians are flock happy birds. If the opportunity for acquiring another hen came up, I would purchase her. The birds will sort out their relationships all on their own. You have made provisions that the two males live well in so I would think it would be likely that a hen could live there just as well. Perhaps I don't fully understand what worries you. Tell me a bit more, if my comments don't answer your question, please. Good Luck, Jeanie

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